weekly online soul purpose tarot reading cards: 7 of Swords, 10 of Swords and Knight of Pentacles

Weekly Online Soul Purpose Tarot Reading: Take Time to Grieve Before Moving On

Every week, I pull a few tarot cards to offer guidance on the path to your soul purpose. The cards in these posts offer quick and general guidance for the week. For a detailed reading with personal guidance on the path to your soul purpose, you can purchase a tarot reading on the site. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps guide your path. Much love and blessings!

The 10 of Swords in smack in the center here shows some kind of ending is for the best this week. This ending may be spurred by some kind of betrayal.

The 7 of Swords before the 10 corroborates this message, as the figure robs you of your mental faculties (swords represent thoughts) and stabs you in the back with harsh words, as we see in the 10.

The sword in the heart is the deepest. You’re hurt by harmful words that lead to harmful thoughts, and it may be hard to concentrate right now. That’s normal for such an experience. This is actually why I’m so late getting the weekly post out today!

The Knight of Pentacles on the end offers hope for this week, as we pick ourselves up and do our duty. The blood of the battlefield is still visible in the Knight’s card, but the Knight is back up and ready to move forward, his monetary mission clear before him.

Allow yourself time to feel the pain and to grieve right now. If you need extra support through this time, reach out to loved ones or to a listener on 7 Cups for free support online.

Also, I’m going through this right now, and I’m here for you. Reach out anytime. We will get through this and move on to something that’s better for our soul purpose and spirit at this time. 

I love you.

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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