Fox Woman Way Online Tarot Reading Success Stories

Lara’s Success Story

I was inspired to get a reading because I was considering making some changes in my life. I sought out a Biddy Certified Tarot Reader because a reader who has completed the Biddy certification program understands Tarot and operates in an ethical manner. I was drawn to the Fox Woman Way website because it was positive, authentic and sincere. The fox, as a Spirit Guide, symbolizes keen observation skills. I knew it would be good to ask a reader with the fox as a guide my question because she would likely “see” things I may have missed.

Before my reading, I knew that I needed to make some changes in my life but had not yet taken action.

My reading gave me greater insight into the many possibilities that were available to me. It gave me a push to do something new that was in greater alignment with my life’s purpose.

Because of my Fox Woman Way tarot reading, I have made the changes I wanted to make and am living with a greater sense of purpose.

The breakthrough moment was when I realized Tracy, Fox Woman, had intuitively picked up on some of the energy surrounding me. She intuitively sensed that I wanted to do something that would help others. She answered the question I asked directly but also gave me some insight into other things I was thinking about but did not specifically ask.

I now have a more broad view of my situation and realize that there are many options. I made the changes I wanted to make and have felt inspired to start a new project, as well. Most importantly, this reading made me feel like it is never too late to do something you really want to do.

I would definitely recommend Fox Woman Way to a friend. The reading you will get will be sincere, insightful and positive.

– Lara, Fox Woman Way online tarot reading client