My Tarot Reading Journey

I'm a Trauma-Informed Tarot Reader

I’m a Trauma-Informed Tarot Reader

You may have heard of trauma-informed therapists. These therapists have trained to understand trauma and its impact on their clients in order to best support them during sessions. Trauma-informed care is offered by other fields, as well; mostly in social work and healthcare. The Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center says: “Trauma-informed care seeks to: Realize …

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Tracy, Owner of Fox Woman Way online tarot readings, holding my first Tarot deck.

My First Tarot Deck

This is the very first Tarot deck that I ever owned. It’s the Barbara Walker Tarot deck. She’s amazing, and I’m now reading her book: The Secrets of the Tarot. I bought her deck at a used bookstore near my childhood home in Vermont when I was 13. I remember the experience well, not just …

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The Most Heartbreaking Tarot Reading Feedback I’ve Ever Received

I’m part of the wonderful Biddy Tarot Community, where one of the many great features is providing free online tarot readings to the public in exchange for feedback. Everything was going great, when one client’s feedback stopped me in my tracks. What the client wrote was heartbreaking. It wasn’t heartbreaking because of something she’d said …

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