The Most Heartbreaking Tarot Reading Feedback I’ve Ever Received

I’m part of the wonderful Biddy Tarot Community, where one of the many great features is providing free online tarot readings to the public in exchange for feedback.

Everything was going great, when one client’s feedback stopped me in my tracks. What the client wrote was heartbreaking.

It wasn’t heartbreaking because of something she’d said about me, but because of something she’d said about herself.

She said the reading was so positive that she didn’t think anything that good could ever happen to her.

I saw from reading her cards that if she follows the advice, good things can happen for her, and it breaks my heart that she couldn’t see her own potential for happiness.

I admit that at first this feedback left me feeling a bit helpless, but I quickly got over it when I realized it’s not about me.

This person is suffering and thinks good things can’t happen for her. I wrote back thanking her for the feedback and telling her that good things can happen for her.

Good things can happen for all of us, but we have to believe they can happen. If we don’t believe good things can happen for us, then they can’t. Even if wonderful opportunities came our way, we wouldn’t see them.

Your thoughts create your reality. If you take steps to control your thoughts, you can start to see the possibilities available to you in order to take action that will make you happy.

I hope she can see that someday. And I hope you see that, too. You’re amazing, and wonderful things can happen for you, too.

Much love and blessings ?,


Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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