About Tracy and Fox Woman Way Online Tarot Readings

Tracy, the owner of Fox Woman Way online tarot readings.

Hi there, and welcome to Fox Woman Way!

I’m Tracy, and I specialize in online soul purpose tarot readings to help women align with their soul purpose so they can live a happy life.

I’ve been reading the tarot cards for more than 25 years, getting my first deck at age 13 – the number of the Goddess!

I fell in love with the tarot then, and it has guided me through life ever since.

After a circuitous career path through journalism, followed by marketing and then as a counselor at my local crisis center, I realized that I needed to do some soul searching to discover my purpose.

My soul was sick, and I was suffering. I wanted to enjoy work but started to think that wasn’t possible for me.

The tarot helped me see the path forward.

My purpose is to empower others, and I do that best by combining it with something else that I’m passionate about. I loved my crisis center work because it combined my purpose of helping others with my passion for women’s rights, but backup nights and weekends really took their toll on me. It was sad and hard to leave that job, but I had to do what was best for my health.

More soul searching and tarot guidance led to another combination of passions: counseling and tarot reading. At first, it was scary realizing that my spirit wanted to read tarot cards for others. What would people think? Thankfully, the tarot helped release those fears so that I could move forward.

I took the leap that was in the cards for me, and it’s amazing.

I love supporting others through online soul purpose tarot readings. It energizes me every day. 

I want to help you discover your soul purpose, too, and illuminate your path to living a happy and fulfilling life, because I don’t want you to suffer anymore. Women have suffered enough. You should experience absolute joy in your life.

I believe that empowering women to live their dreams will balance the feminine energy in the world and heal our planet.

Women’s rights are important to me. Women need to be safe, respected and empowered in order to balance the energies of the planet. As you come into your own power by discovering your soul purpose, you balance the earth’s energy personally and exponentially as you find happiness, joy and energy in doing your Great Work.

I do this work to create a happy and healthy planet by balancing the feminine energies on earth. I do this by empowering women to create the life they want through guidance from online tarot readings.

Why Fox Woman Way?

I’ve always loved foxes and felt connected to them. They are clever and adaptable with amazing survival skills that also help them thrive.

When I was a child, fox energy helped keep me safe.

It helped me blend in and go unseen or shapeshift and adapt to my surroundings. That same energy has kept me safe my whole life. There are a lot of people who feel a connection to fox energy for the same reason. I think a lot of children have used that energy of adaptation to survive in childhood when that was the only defense they had, and I think a lot of women use fox energy to survive in abusive situations.

I take the name Fox Woman as a powerful representation of my spiritual work and to honor my Fox spirit guide.

Fox Woman Way is a path – a way of being as well as a safe space that you can visit when you come to my website. I want to help heal and expand the feminine energy in the world in order to facilitate much-needed balance and healing. The fox is the catlike canine – a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energy. We need that kind of balance in the world in order to heal our planet and make it a better place.

To thank Fox for the gifts they have given me, I donate to The National Fox Welfare Society, which heals and protects foxes. I also support my local crisis center, Bridges, whose advocates do amazing work to support and empower survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Fox Woman Way’s Mission

Fox Woman Way’s mission is to empower women to create the life they want by illuminating their path with online tarot readings.

This mission contributes to my vision of creating a happy and healthy planet by balancing the feminine energies on earth.

Fox Woman Way’s Vision

Fox Woman Way’s vision is to heal the world by balancing the feminine energy of our planet. We will balance the earth’s feminine energies by empowering women to create the life they want and to live their dreams.

I want to create a world where the feminine energies are balanced with the masculine energies. Our world and our people are suffering because of a destructive imbalance of this energy. We need the sacred feminine to return to the earth, and I can help make that happen by empowering women to come into their own power and let their light shine on the world. Together, we can balance the earth’s energy and create much-needed harmony on our planet.