What to Expect When Getting a Fox Woman Way Tarot Reading

What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a set of 78 cards that represent the stages and situations of human life. They are broken down into 22 Major Arcana cards that represent major life themes, 40 Minor Arcana cards that represent day-to-day activities and events, and 16 Court cards that represent people, traits and characteristics as well as your level of mastery in a particular area.

How does Tarot Work?

Drawing the tarot cards while focusing on a question you have provides guidance on your life path. The cards work by making a connection between your conscious and unconscious self to help you understand the energies at work in your life, and by making a connection between you and the Divine energies of the Universe in order to illuminate the best path forward on your life journey.

How I Work with the Tarot Cards

I use the Tarot as a guide to counsel clients on the best path forward on their life journey. I am a professional Tarot Advisor who specializes in soul purpose tarot readings and helps women, and people with feminine energy, create the life they want. I use some psychic abilities combined with intuition gleaned from the cards and a connection with the Divine to act as a clear channel of information for my clients. 

When reading the cards, I connect with the Goddess, the God, my higher self, angels and spirit guides, as well as your higher self, angels and spirit guides, setting the intention to act as a clear channel for the Universe and the Divine to provide your reading for the highest good with harm to none.

I empower you to make your own decisions, acting as a guide to help illuminate the best path forward on your life journey. 

I can help you discover your soul purpose and see a clear path to get there. My mission to empower women and people with feminine energy to create the life they want contributes to my vision of balancing the sacred feminine energies on the planet in order to create a happier and healthier world. 

Tarot Reading Questions

I empower my clients, so I don’t answer yes or no questions that assume you don’t have any control over your own life. Try not to ask questions that start with “is, should, who or when.” For example, “Should I leave my current job?” That question leaves your response up to fate and isn’t very empowering.

Try to start questions with “how or what.” For example, “what actions can I take to discover my soul purpose?” or “what are the energies surrounding my career at this time?” are empowering questions that give more information around the situation and what you can do to achieve your desired outcome.

I also don’t provide third-party readings, so try not to ask how someone in particular feels about you. That would be a violation of their privacy. We can ask about third parties if it’s in the context of your relationship. For example, “What can I do to improve my relationship with my partner?” This empowers you to take responsibility for your part in the relationship rather than prying into someone else’s feelings without their permission.

If you’re having trouble coming up with an empowering question, I’m happy to help you rephrase your question.

For more about my reading style, check out my Code of Ethics.

Read client testimonials to discover how my readings have helped transform the lives of my clients. To see a sample Fox Woman Way online tarot reading, check out this case study.

Who I am Not

I am not a card-slinging fortuneteller. I don’t throw cards around giving instant predictions about your future.

I respect the cards, believing that they have their own spirit, and I go deep with the cards to offer the best insight to empower you in your situation. I am an empathic, counseling tarot reader, who offers the highest guidance on your life path by respectfully connecting with the tarot cards and our spirit guides.

My way is a deep, spiritual process that offers guidance and helps you grow along the way. I don’t judge others for their style, but if you’re just looking for a quick prediction, I’m not the right tarot reader for you, and I wish you the best in connecting with a tarot reader who meets your needs.

What Happens after You Order a Tarot Reading?

After you order a Fox Woman Way online tarot reading, I will email you the Client Intake Form that also includes the Client Agreement.

After you return these forms and we have agreed on a question for your reading, I will email your completed reading to you as a PDF. My readings are first come, first served, but I usually complete readings within three business days.

Let’s get started!