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Fox Woman Way online soul purpose tarot reading

Discover your soul purpose, the path to achieve your soul purpose, and get empowered to live the life you want with a Fox Woman Way online soul purpose tarot reading!

It’s possible to be happy with, and energized by, your career!

When you purchase a Fox Woman Way online soul purpose tarot reading, you get:

  • Actionable insights to create the life you want.
  • A loving, empathic spiritual guide who supports you on your journey.
  • Accurate and in-depth tarot readings backed by 25 years of experience.
  • Clarity about yourself and your situation that illuminates your path.

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Online Soul Purpose Tarot Reading Options

My soul used to be sick before I discovered my purpose and started joyfully moving in that direction. I want to help you do the same!

I offer options for individual online tarot readings as well as value-packed offers that help you discover your soul purpose and illuminate the path to achieve that purpose. You can live a joyful life!

1. 1-Thing Soul Purpose Tarot Reading ($17)

Do you just need to know one thing on the path to your soul purpose? Maybe you’re wondering what the most important thing you need to focus on in order to succeed is? This 1-card tarot reading can provide a lot of insight on the path to your purpose. Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance that provides a lot of impact.

I am so impressed with how thorough a reading you gave with just one card! And the advice is spot on. It’s amazing how the Universe knows just what we need at the right time. I will reread my information often and do my best to absorb…and apply…the valuable insights and advice!
Thank you deeply!

Brenda, 1-Card Soul Purpose Tarot Reading client

2. What to Do Soul Purpose Tarot Reading ($37)

Wondering what you should do in order to discover or achieve your soul purpose? I will use the 3-card Stop, Start, Continue spread to help you clearly see what you should stop doing, start doing and continue doing in order to succeed on the path to your soul purpose.

3. 6-Month Soul Purpose Roadmap ($47)

This is a custom 7-card spread that illuminates the path to your soul purpose for the next six months, with one card offering advice for each month, one card representing the next six months overall, and the spread coming together to tell a story. You will get details on the card and how its energies relate to your purpose for each month, as well as how the cards flow together to tell the story of your soul purpose playing out over the next six months.

4. Horseshoe Spread Soul Purpose Tarot Reading ($47)

The 7-card Horseshoe Spread offers a ton of insight into your situation. The Horseshoe spread gives the past, present and future of your situation, your attitude, the influence of others around you, advice and the outcome when advice is followed. Get to the heart of your soul purpose and how best to achieve it with this wonderful and comprehensive tarot reading.

5. Soul Purpose Celtic Cross Tarot Reading ($67)

This is a 10-card tarot spread that uncovers the energies surrounding your soul purpose. You will get comprehensive understanding of how your soul purpose has influenced your life so far, advice to achieve your soul purpose, what’s coming in the near future, the outcome, as well as any extra cards that I pull for more insight or clarification. This is the most comprehensive tarot spread for understanding your soul purpose. Purchase this reading to discover your soul purpose and illuminate the path to get there!

6. Soul Purpose Package (Best Value at $107!)

This package includes both the Soul Purpose Celtic Cross Tarot Reading and the 6-Month Soul Purpose Roadmap, as well as custom affirmations that will help you more quickly manifest your goals.

You’re getting $124 value for $107!

Here’s what you get in this package:

  • The Soul Purpose Celtic Cross Tarot Reading: 10-card tarot spread that illuminates the path to your soul purpose, plus any extra cards that I pull for even more insight.
  • The 6-Month Soul Purpose Roadmap: 7-card tarot spread with one tarot card drawn for each month to guide you on your path over the next six months.
  • 3 Custom Affirmations: I will create three custom affirmations to help you align with your soul purpose and manifest your goals.

Hi Tracy,

I wanted to send you back a quick note to express my gratitude for the reading, for your kindness and in appreciation of your gifts. Thank you so, so much!

This all resonates with me on a soul level. I am still processing some of the specifics and will follow back up as I digest and make things actionable. Until then, thank you- I’m so thrilled to have found you and be in receipt of your gifts


Nikki, Soul Purpose Package client

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