Fox Woman Way Online Tarot Reading Testimonials

Your reading was so spot on I couldn’t believe it from an email reading. You really affirmed a lot and gave me hope I’m on the right path and direction! It was so detailed and insightful, and you described each element but also gave the summary, which was very useful. It honestly all resonated with me so much. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’m stunned as to how helpful and accurate and intuitive the reading was. I truly want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I send you love and light Tracy. Thank you!

Becky, online tarot reading client

Tracy did a phenomenal job!! Words alone can’t express my gratitude for what she has done for me!!!

I have recommended several family members and friends to get a reading done by Tracy!! 

Tracy was very spiritual, detailed and thorough!! She was very empathetic to my situation and I truly appreciate that!! Tracy described one of my spiritual guides and gave me a message that made me feel chills and cry—the guide she described is my mommy!!

Tracy continue to use your gifts and spirituality to be a blessing to others!!

Ashockia, online tarot reading client

Thank you for the beautiful reading! It is 100% accurate and captured the energy surrounding my situation with remarkable clarity.

Lara, online tarot reading client

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading. I appreciated her great pieces of advice throughout the reading. This time period has really given me a break from life to refocus on what is truly important. The thing I truly want is to meet my soulmate and have a family. I’ve been so scared the last few years to love again and this pandemic has reminded me to live authentically and stop being afraid to go after my heart’s desires….finding true love. I truly believe, and this has been demonstrated by the reading, that my spiritual practice is the key to me living an abundant life on all levels.

Tracy’s reading was perfect. She has excellent knowledge of the tarot and how to apply it to the cards selected. I liked her writing style. It was very warm, empathetic and clear. She is very intuitive as she definitely picked up on my current energies. Tracy is a talented tarot reader.

Thank you Tracy for my birthday tarot spread and well wishes. It gave me lots of hope and reassurance for the future.

Paulette M., online tarot reading client

Wow! Tracy is amazing. She answered my question and beyond. I felt like I was receiving advice from a close friend. And that’s the way a tarot reader should be. I got a beautiful reading and beautiful words. Thank you!

Belinda, online tarot reading client

Tracy (Fox Woman), thank you so much for such a beautiful reading. You are right in every account. I will definitely follow your advice.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

Rebecca, online tarot reading client

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly, you were so spot on in regards how I feel and what direction I want to go. That was an amazing reading and gives me lots to focus on. You are very talented and you know your cards so well. I loved the way you displayed the reading. It was so professional. All the best for the future and I definitely will come back to you. You’re brilliant. Thank you!

Maz, online tarot reading client

You most definitely answered my questions. Thank you so much for providing such clarity when my own thoughts were all over the place. I love that you touched upon aspects of my life including a little of my past, but the focus was really on positively moving forward which is exactly what I needed. I loved the manner in which it was delivered. The message that came through in itself was insightful and provided me with guidance and clarity, but the manner and personality of the delivery is also important and I really appreciated how your personality came through – it made me feel positive and full of renewed energy as soon as I read the first couple of lines!!!

Jordanna, online tarot reading client

Thanks, Tracy!

Your reading was on point and brought me so much insight about the situation!

Hope you keep on helping people with this gift you have.

Thank you, again.

Paulo, online tarot reading client

I received my reading today, and I was blown away! I had asked a relationship question, and with knowing very little about my relationship with my husband, it was spot on! I loved how in depth it was, with explaining the cards and how they pertain to my life! My reading was super detailed with advice and support regarding my situation. Thank you Tracy for your amazing reading! I will definitely be back for more!

Amanda B., online tarot reading client

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for such a detailed reading. I truly appreciate the way you have gone the extra mile to support me. I would like to acknowledge the accuracy of your reading. You completely answered my question 100%. The reading was very well narrated with much extra support and effort. LET ME APPRECIATE YOUR INTUITION AGAIN.

Sunita, online tarot reading client

Thank you so much Tracy for putting so much effort in explaining the cards to me. Tracy covered all and more on the answers to the question I asked, very in-depth and with great detail. It gave me a lot to think about and such a great insight into what I need to do to move forward! I valued how accurate the reading was – so many things ran true to my situation and it opened my eyes to things I haven’t thought of or realised. The reading was straight forward and in depth!  Thanks again Tracy – you have a great talent!

Briony P., online tarot reading client

Thank you so much!!! Tracy went beyond the typical reading framework and modified the framework to address the question. As such, that helps me to guide in the path that is more clear. She is an experienced reader as opposed to someone just following the textbook framework. Again appreciate your taking the extra care in the messages. When there is any confusion, Tracy also makes sure the card can speak to you and apply that to your world situation as opposed to some abstract thinking that leaves you hanging.

George W., online tarot reading client

This reading was so helpful & it provided a few “aha” moments. It also gave me a new perspective on the situation. I definitely feel like this will lead me to a path that moves forward. I liked that it was very thoughtful and accessible. Given with caring and compassion. It has definitely helped me. Thank you so much.

Erica S., online tarot reading client