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Welcome to Fox Woman Way, where you can get online tarot readings to help you discover your soul purpose and illuminate the path to get there. You can be happy in your career.

I’m Tracy, the Owner of Fox Woman Way, and I can help you:

  • Quickly manifest your goals with supportive guidance from an online soul purpose tarot reading.
  • Receive actionable insights that illuminate the path to your soul purpose.
  • See yourself and your situation clearly with help from a loving spiritual guide who understands and supports you on your journey.

I’m excited to help you live a happy life! Get your soul purpose tarot reading online today!

You most definitely answered my questions. Thank you so much for providing such clarity when my own thoughts were all over the place. I love that you touched upon aspects of my life including a little of my past, but the focus was really on positively moving forward which is exactly what I needed. I loved the manner in which it was delivered. The message that came through in itself was insightful and provided me with guidance and clarity, but the manner and personality of the delivery is also important and I really appreciated how your personality came through – it made me feel positive and full of renewed energy as soon as I read the first couple of lines!!!

Jordanna, online tarot reading client

I received my reading today, and I was blown away! I had asked a relationship question, and with knowing very little about my relationship with my husband, it was spot on! I loved how in depth it was, with explaining the cards and how they pertain to my life! My reading was super detailed with advice and support regarding my situation. Thank you Tracy for your amazing reading! I will definitely be back for more!

Amanda B., online tarot reading client

Dear Tracy,
Please accept my heartfelt thanks for such a detailed reading. I truly appreciate the way you have gone the extra mile to support me. I would like to acknowledge the accuracy of your reading. You completely answered my question 100%. The reading was very well narrated with much extra support and effort. LET ME APPRECIATE YOUR INTUITION AGAIN.

Sunita T., online tarot reading client

Thank you so much Tracy for putting so much effort in explaining the cards to me x. Tracy covered all and more on the answers to the question I asked, very in-depth and with great detail. It gave me a lot to think about and such a great insight to what I need to do to move forward! I valued how accurate the reading was – so many things ran true to my situation and it opened my eyes to things I haven’t thought of or realised. The reading was straight forward and in depth!  Thanks again Tracy – you have a great talent!

Briony P., online tarot reading client

Thank you so much!!! Tracy went beyond the typical reading framework and modified the framework to address the question. As such, that helps me to guide in the path that is more clear. She is an experienced reader as opposed to someone just following the textbook framework. Again appreciate your taking the extra care in the messages. When there is any confusion, Tracy also makes sure the card can speak to you and apply that to your world situation as opposed to some abstract thinking that leaves you hanging.

George W., online tarot reading client