Fox Woman Way Code of Ethics

I serve my clients as a professional tarot reader.

I am a professional tarot reader and do not give advice in areas where I am not qualified, such as; medical advice, legal advice and financial advice. I recommend that you seek a qualified medical, legal and/or financial professional for advice in these areas. I will provide tarot readings to offer support around health and wellness, financial situations and legal issues, but I am not a medical, legal or financial advisor.

I keep client information confidential.

I hold client information in strict confidentiality. I will not share any aspect of your reading or any other information about you with anyone without your express permission to do so. I keep your tarot reading information in a secure system to best support you going forward, but I will delete your information at your request. All you have to do is ask. 🙂

I lovingly tell the truth.

I always tell my clients the truth of what I see in their tarot readings, and I do so with love and compassion.

I do not judge my clients.

I objectively read the tarot without influence from personal bias. I will not judge you.

I respect the will of the client to create their own future.

Your future is not set in stone, so I will not offer definitive predictions of what will happen and when. I don’t provide answers to “yes or no” questions because that takes away your free will. I offer empowering advice in order for you to achieve the outcome you want to create, but you always have free will to change your mind and do things differently. I offer empowering readings that encourage you to seek your inner wisdom and do what’s best for you. I am a guide on this path, but it is up to you to choose your own path and create your own future.

Because I respect the free will of the client, I allow you to take responsibility for your actions following the tarot reading.

I act ethically and with integrity.

I will never offer scammy products or services, such as see a curse on you through your reading and offer to remove it for hundreds of dollars.

I won’t give tarot readings that predict death or winning lottery numbers.

I do not read for minors.

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a tarot reading from Fox Woman Way.

I respect the privacy of others.

I will not give you a reading for a third party because I believe that impedes their confidentiality. I will, however, include a third party in a reading if it is to support you in your relationship with that person without impeding the third party’s confidentiality. You probably wouldn’t want someone else asking personal information about you, either. 🙂

I care about my clients. I treat all of my clients with the utmost love and respect.

I will approach your reading with clear mind and emotions. I will ground myself and center myself in perfect love and perfect trust, and I will tune in to my psychic abilities before performing your reading in order to create a clear connection with the Divine for your highest good. I will invite your angels and spirit guides to aid me in your reading so I get the information that is right for you and for your highest good. I will enter your reading with love.


As a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, I also follow the Biddy Tarot Code of Ethics.