soul purpose stuff that I love: It's All Related

Soul Purpose Stuff That I Love: It’s All Related

So many wonderful resources have helped me and continue to help me on the path to my soul purpose. In Soul Purpose Stuff that I Love, I share those resources with you because I hope they help you, too. I don’t get paid to share them. I share them because I love them, their creators and you.

Years ago, maybe around 2012, I discovered intuitive teacher Sonia Choquette and took one of her courses, then drifted away from her teachings until just recently.

Fast forward to the end of June 2020, and I received intuitive guidance from my higher self out of the blue to check for a Sonia Choquette podcast.

I did, and sure enough, there was one – and it was just on its second episode! I couldn’t believe it.

The podcast is called It’s All Related. I gave it a listen and fell in love with it immediately. I listen to it when I’m doing dishes, and love the easy conversational style of Sonia and her two daughters as they invite you into their family and talk about intuition and listening to your vibes.

This is such a warm, loving podcast that teaches you how to listen to your spirit. I love how they describe their egos as a barking dog in episode 3. I can totally relate to feeling like my worried ego is a barking dog that keeps me from hearing my spirit.

In fact, I relate to everything they say in the show and highly recommend it for anyone who is on the path to their soul purpose and looking to connect with their higher guidance and intuition. 

It’s such a beautiful program that’s helping me a lot. Give it a listen! ?

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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