daily online tarot reading cards: Queen of Cups reversed, 6 of Pentacles, 7 of Pentacles reversed.

Daily Online Tarot Reading: Give to Receive

Every week, I pull a few tarot cards to offer guidance on the path to your soul purpose. The cards in these posts offer quick and general guidance for the week. For a detailed reading with personal guidance on the path to your soul purpose, you can purchase a tarot reading on the site. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps guide your path. Much love and blessings!

Know that you are the Queen of Cups at this time – psychic and compassionate. You have gifts to give to the world, and the 6 of Pentacles card implores you to give them to those who need them right now.

If you’re like me, working toward your goals, then you probably spend a lot of time creating and waiting for your harvest to come in.

Today’s reading asks that we release waiting for our harvest to come in. We are the harvest, already ripe with fruit. As we give to others, we receive. That is our harvest coming to fruition. There’s no need to wait for it. As long as we are giving the gifts we were meant to give – the gifts of our soul purpose – we will receive the blessings of the Universe.

My cat had been crying for attention all morning, but I was busy doing this reading. After the reading, I realized that she’s what’s important right now. I needed to give her my love and support for a while. Sure enough, she settled down happily once she received a little attention and comfort. We both received the gift of love because I chose to take some time to give without expecting to receive first.

Listen to your inner Queen of Cups today. What does she tell you to give? Pay attention to what others need from you right now and try to be there for them. Your abundant harvest will spring from these small gifts.

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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