weekly online soul purpose tarot reading cards: 9 of Pentacles, The Star, 7 of Wands reversed

Weekly Online Soul Purpose Tarot Reading: Rest, Recover and Replenish

Every week, I pull a few tarot cards to offer guidance on the path to your soul purpose. The cards in these posts offer quick and general guidance for the week. For a detailed reading with personal guidance on the path to your soul purpose, you can purchase a tarot reading on the site. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps guide your path. Much love and blessings!

With The Star front and center, your job is to replenish your spirit this week.

The 9 of Pentacles shows that you have just accomplished something through a lot of effort and you are making progress in your life, but now is the time to rest and recover some of your spirit and energy.

You can do this by walling yourself in your garden for a while and enjoying things that fulfill you, as we see in the 9 of Pentacles.

You can also replenish your spirit by setting boundaries for yourself, as we see in the 7 of Wands reversed. Sometimes, the demands of others weigh on your mind and wear you down. Put up some boundaries to protect your mind and just rest for a while.

What feeds your soul? What helps fill your energetic cup? Fill your week with those things to help you rest, recover and feel good again.

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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