Jan. 31, 2022 weekly online soul purpose tarot reading cards: 2 of Cups reversed, 9 of Cups reversed, 9 of Wands reversed

Weekly Online Soul Purpose Tarot Reading: Lovingly Partner with Yourself

Every week, I pull a few tarot cards to offer guidance on the path to your soul purpose. The cards in these posts offer quick and general guidance for the week. For a detailed reading with personal guidance on the path to your soul purpose, you can purchase a tarot reading on the site. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps guide your path. Much love and blessings!

The 2 of Cups reversed shows that we should lovingly partner with ourselves this week. Show yourself the love of a partner, a best friend, a parent. You deserve love – especially from yourself. Give yourself kind words and affection. Feel the love for yourself radiating warmth within you. To aid in this, see yourself filled with a beautiful pink or green light (the colors of the heart chakra.)

The 9 of Cups reversed shows the inner happiness that is possible when you love yourself and show yourself the love that you deserve. Known as “the wish” card, this is a card of getting your wish to feel happy in your life. The key to happiness is self love. Discover what you love. Discover what makes you happy and give yourself those things.

The 9 of Wands reversed tells us that self love and making ourselves happy is what will help us get through the hard times. Of course, we can’t all be happy all the time, but we can do things for ourselves to help mitigate the hard times. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, do something kind for yourself. Or say something nice to yourself. Give yourself the gift of love to help you get through the tough times.

The number 9 is also the number of near completion. Here, we have the near completion of an emotional goal and the near completion of something we’re passionate about. We’re “nearly there” in a soul purpose goal we’ve been aiming for. This is something that delights us and that we’re passionate about. That can make us happy but also cause us stress as we near our goal. Both of those feelings are normal – sometimes at the same time! Let yourself know that it’s OK to be happy about this and stressed or overwhelmed all at the same time. Just keep giving yourself love in order to overcome the overwhelm. Love is the key!

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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