Who are Your Spirit Guides, and How Do I Connect with Them in a Tarot Reading?

Your spirit guides are any number of non-physical beings who guide you throughout your life.

Some are with you your entire life and some come and go depending on your location or what your needs are at that time in your life.

They can be ancestors or loved ones who have passed on or beings who have never been human, such as angels, spirit animals and elementals.

For more on spirit guides, I highly recommend Sonia Choquette’s book Ask Your Guides. It goes into detail on many types of spirit guides as well as how to access them for support.

In a Tarot reading, I access your guides by opening an energetic gateway between us and inviting your higher self and your spirit guides into the sacred space that I have created for your reading. They ensure that I provide the best reading for you by providing me with the information that is for your highest good.

Some information comes through in the reading from my higher self and spirit guides, and I usually get one of your spirit guides who comes through visually (clairvoyantly) as well as auditorily (clairaudiently.) This guide is typically someone you knew in life who has passed over and would like to communicate with you, so I am often providing psychic medium support through my readings.

Many clients experience love and healing when they connect with loved ones who have passed. One client, Ashockia, said, “Tracy described one of my spiritual guides and gave me a message that made me feel chills and cry—the guide she described is my mommy!!

I love helping clients connect with their guides for healing and support, especially when the guide who comes through is a loved one who has passed. These experiences help me know that I am on the right path and truly helping my clients and their spirit guides.

Know that when you get a Tarot reading with me, the guide who is for your highest good for your particular reading will come through for you. The spirit guide who comes through is usually a person who has passed over, but the guide who comes through could be any of your wonderful and beautiful spirit guides who are here to help you on your path.

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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