daily online soul purpose tarot reading cards: Ace of Cups, 9 of Cups reversed, The Fool

Daily Online Soul Purpose Tarot Reading: Happiness is Yours Today!

Every week, I pull a few tarot cards to offer guidance on the path to your soul purpose. The cards in these posts offer quick and general guidance for the week. For a detailed reading with personal guidance on the path to your soul purpose, you can purchase a tarot reading on the site. Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps guide your path. Much love and blessings!

According to the Ace of Cups, all of the blessings of the element of water are available to you at this time – love, happiness, spiritual blessings and more.

9 of Cups reversed tells you to use those watery gifts to make yourself happy – get your wish!

The Fool guides us to know that our inner happiness will come from taking a leap of faith. Don’t stress about life today. Take today as a fun new adventure, look at the day with childlike wonder, and joy will be yours!

Seek happiness today, and you will find it! Enjoy!

Love and blessings! ?

Fox Woman

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